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Hello. My name is Maerwen, I work as a maid for Lady Electra and Lady Beatrix De Sainte-Coquille. I'm a dark elf- if you have a problem with that leave me alone. Er, I mean..I hope we can get along...

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Mar 19 '12

@ Tabatha

[She claps her hands gently together] Yes, I believe the last time we saw each other was…perhaps a Sainte-Coquille family get together. [Her face brightens up a bit more] Oh I see, I don’t get many visitors these days. (visitors she likes anyway) What a treat. [Her mouth curves downward into a hard line, one eyebrow quirking upward] I /always/ have free time. And even if I did not, I would /make/ time for you Tabatha. Ask freely.

((Though the book fair is :| sort of over now?))

2 notes Tags: I'm just going to put this here because I don't think you got ANY of the asks I tried to send unless you're busy with others in which case- am so sorry but anyway yeah just gonna put this here no biggie with response time :L just making sure you actually saw/got it somehow...